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01. Our Mission

Phoenix Decom aims to be recognised as the leading specialist for integrated onshore services to effectively support subsea decommissioning activities.

  • With a focus on sustainable performance, customer service and full legal compliance, we are a dedicated, trusted decommissioning partner for our clients.
  • Our team of waste management specialists deliver a full turnkey service including quayside logistics, waste management, NORM management, transport, and cradle to grave duty of care.
  • Our people are at the centre of our business and our collaborative approach combined with unmatched industry experience delivers a first-class service every time.
  • With a deeper sense of responsibility, we are committed to minimising environmental impact for future generations, supporting your net zero targets.

02. Our Services

We have experience in the delivery of turn-key solutions in many ports. We have SEPA authorised waste management and NORM management facilities in place at our base facility in Dyce along with Aberdeen South Harbour, the Ports of Peterhead and Lerwick. As an integral part of the project management, we facilitate the quayside berthing, manpower, plant and equipment to simplify demobilisation of the consigned waste.

We also offer bespoke consultancy services including training, RPS, Dangerous Goods advice and duty of care audits.

03. Who we are

We are Phoenix Decom, a company drawing on a wealth of experience in the management of NORM, waste, and subsea decommissioning projects. Responding to our customers’ needs, we bring agility, responsiveness and efficiency while maintaining full legal compliance. Our team includes experienced specialists in NORM, Waste Management, HSEQ Waste Reporting and Compliance as well as a full Project Management capability.

Craig Smith

Managing Director

With 30 years in the NORM sector of the Oil and Gas industry, Craig has progressed from the shop floor through to the role of Managing Director. A hands-on approach would best describe his management style along with having strong entrepreneurial and leadership qualities and a “can do” attitude.
Craig is a highly motivated and respected radiological waste management professional of high integrity. Over the years, Craig has developed his range of skills including project management, procurement, continuous improvement, and technology advancement. He is extremely customer-focused with an acute desire to deliver beyond customer expectations.

Henry Lints

Financial Director

Henry has more than 40 years’ experience in the oil & gas service sector. He qualified as a chartered accountant and, after a spell in the profession, moved into industry where he worked through various roles from financial accountant to financial director. His experience covers most financial, commercial, legal, and contractual aspects of a business. Over the last 10 years, Henry has been an integral member of a team specialising in NORM decontamination and decommissioning work scopes.

Walter Robertson

Business Development Director

With over 30 years in the Oil and Gas industry, Walter has held senior roles within ASCO Group and NorSea UK, where he was key to building and developing UK and international operations.

Walter transfers his industry knowledge, experience, and contacts to customers and internally to colleagues, widening our influence in key waste and decom projects. Walter takes a keen interest in assisting the development of his colleagues, providing them with guidance for advancement of themselves and the business and at the same time using that knowledge to maximise the growth opportunities from local and international subsea decommissioning contracts.

Graham Davidson


Refining his operational and management expertise within his family business for many years, Graham gained extensive experience in NORM/Decontamination production processes both on and offshore, as well as RPS surveying and contracting. He worked alongside Craig Smith and Henry Lints to grow the company to a point of sale, before leaving at the end of 2015 for a new challenge. In the years that followed he channelled his ambition and drive into the building and development of his own businesses, operating in commercial property, and both the automotive and renewables sectors. Graham joined Phoenix Decom with a firm belief in the team and their collective capability to help build a more economical and environmentally friendly solution to the decommissioning projects market.

Bill Sutton

Project Manager

Operating in a part time role after a 50-year career within Oil and Gas, Bill is an oracle of knowledge within the industry, having been instrumental in the building and development of the first NORM operational site. Working with operators and regulators for five decades Bill has always been a person willing to develop processes and drive change within our sector. Bill’s experience and leadership of more than 60 decommissioning projects during his career is unmatched.
Bill assists the team in pre-planning of projects, identifying the requirements, introducing learnings from previous projects to both simplify and manage out risk to achieve a safe result for the client and our company.

Simon Davies

Environmental Manager

A key member of our team with 18 years’ of experience in waste management, our Environmental Manager has worked in both the public and private sector. This included over six years as a waste regulator at SEPA and 9 years in a waste management roll at an onshore service company where he oversaw environmental compliance, permitry and duty of care for many decommissioning projects. He is also a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor and Radiation Protection Supervisor.

Barnie McNichol

HSEQ Manager

With 15 years of experience in HSEQ Management, Barnie has worked in a range of industry’s including, Construction, Hospitality and the Oil and Gas Industry. His most recent and current roles focus specifically on the development of Management systems to ensure the safety of all stakeholders and the environment whilst working with NORM. Barnie has prepared multiple project safety plans for the onshore decommissioning market.

Russell Stuart

Operations & Commercial Supervisor

With 30 years of experience working in the NORM industry, Russell has built up an extensive knowledge on the operations and commercial side of the business. This includes working day to day directly with UK Oil and Gas Operators and the respective supply chain. Russell’s experience in project costing and logistic planning for decommissioning projects is value- adding, proving vital for the profitable delivery of many projects.

Jill Forbes

Tendering Manager

Jill has developed her career of 18 years working in the NORM Oil and Gas industry, where she has delivered an extremely high level of professionalism for both her colleagues and clients. Jill initially ran document control systems, progressing to office management and is now preparing critical tender documents for projects. Jill is highly respected for her customer focus and meeting targets/deadlines.

Paul Ross

Lead RPS

Paul has been in the Oil and Gas sector for 15 years. During that time he has gained experience in work scopes such as UHP water jetting, confined space entry, well work overs, plug and abandonments, riser recovery, decommissioning and on shutdowns. His focus is in a supervisory role and he now specialises in Radiological Protection and Gas Safety offshore, throughout the UK and internationally.

Paul actively leads the company offshore operations and coordinates our experienced RPS/AGTs, and their equipment needs for the work scopes.

Neil Walker

Operations Lead

Neil has been in the Oil and Gas sector for 15 years and during this time he became a time-served fabricator welder. Neil recently carried out his survival training so that he can use his skills and experience as a qualified RPS. Neil will assist with the new onshore facility that will open soon, followed by recruiting and training a team of dedicated personnel. Neil also spent 10 years operating a wastewater treatment plant and this experience will benefit the development of the company in the future.